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Tired of Speaking with the Past

Flipping through Nazım Hikmet's 835 Satır -- largely because one of the collections included in it is Sesini Kaybeden Şehir, which seems such a resonant title for some of the things I've been trying to think through.

But this lovely poem from 1929 - "Jokondun Hatıra Defterinden Parçalar" [Excerpts from the Mona Lisa's Diary]. One short excerpt:
Luvur müzesinde artık canım sıkılıyor,
ve mademki maziyle konuşmaktan çabuk bıkılıyor,
    karar verdim bugünden itibaren
bir hatıra defteri tutmağa.
Belki dahli olur bugünü yazmanın
                                       dünü unutmağa.  Quickly translated:
At any rate, I'm bored in the Louvre Museum
And since I quickly tire of speaking with the past
   decided beginning from today
to keep a journal.
Perhaps writing today will help
                                       to forget yesterday.

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