Opening Reception at Padgett Station

Hi all,

For those of you who might be interested, there will be a reception-ish event at Padgett Station on Saturday, July 7th. I might have to work until about 6:30 or so, so plan to show up around 7:30 or 8:00. Hopefully you'll all have a chance to make it - please bring any friends or family who might have at least a passing interest in Turkey or Spain or just travel or photography in general.

Festivities - well, one can only hope they'll be festive.



Jeff said…
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Jeff said…
hey timur, I'm in the wild inaka of japan much like i am guessing betsy was a while back. I'm glad to hear you're doing a showing at padgett station, I really like your photographs, are they film or digital? Do you have a flickr? I'm hoping to take some good travel shots as well, I'm trying to get into more evocative people-y subject matter.
Anyway, hope you're doing well and I'm sure I'll run into you someday!

Jeff Fowler

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