Mapping Fun, Halloween Hell

Traffic is one of those LA things; where DC politicos open every conversation with the latest piece of legislative gossip, Angeleno conversations always seem to turn on stories of how to get around the city.

Yesterday was Halloween. LA's already bad Friday traffic got exponentially worse. I, in full command of my faculties, decided it would be good to take the Sunset bus home, because then I wouldn't have to walk from UCLA's campus down to Wilshire to catch the 720 express. I quickly learned, however, that what time I saved in catching the bus at campus I was going to lose sitting in overflow traffic from a blocked-off Santa Monica Blvd.

To make a long story short, I left campus at 3:30. I walked in the door to our place a little before 6. The map of the adventure is here. All the bike stuff that happens came mostly as a result of the Critical Mass ride last night, an adventure in itself. More on that soon, I hope.


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