Scraps of the Future

Always interesting what surfaces - I don't remember when I found this on my desk, much less when I originally scribbled the list. But what was striking to me about it:
  1. Not only that I took a time to list a series of writing projects, but that I thought them worth saving.
  2. And then when I did find the list a second time (this is the way of my writing sometimes, to find a scrap many times), the fact that I took the time to scribble: relics of what I was wanting some time ago, driftwood, fingerprints, ephemeral.
All of which is neither here nor there, but the original paper is finally in the rubbish heap somewhere, digitized in a fit of pique or ordering madness. But always interesting for me to think about these scraps of paper I've squirreled away, as a kind of testament to dreams, ambitions, lives not yet lived.


Jordan M said…
Trust me, I have notebooks full of the things. List after list after list. Such ambitions are good and such lists are good reminders of a larger goals we once thought worthwhile (and maybe still are) in the minutiae of daily life.

If you ever want to do an E. Turkey/Caucasus guidebook I'll be happy to help.
Timur said…
Absolutely - lists are great markers of who we are and our priorities in life. Blogs are too, in their way.

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