Remembering Atatürk in 1938

Cover, Akbaba, no. 253, 17 İki Teşrin (November) 1938
If yesterday's post was about one memory of Atatürk in the present, I wanted to add this Akbaba cover from 1938, published a week after Atatürk's death (for other Akbaba, see here or here). The Republic of Turkey, represented as a woman in white robes (interesting Classical overtones) embraces İsmet İnonu, the man who succeeded Atatürk as President of the Republic, and says, "My İsmet!" In many ways, the comparison is between apples and oranges - but at the very least, we could point to the differences between the different way the Republic is visualized (here, as an allegorical woman, there, as a series of news photos with Atatürk pasted back in).


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