My Clothing Doesn't Fit Me Well

Akbaba, 10 February 1930
On the same note as my recent post, a second cartoon about the evkaf -- the heading above the cartoon reads, "The evkaf, the last Asian institution in European Turkey, is being reformed." Below, the evkaf -- dressed in the baggy pants that today signal a more conspicuous piety -- tells the tailor, "Come on, I won't be able to be comfortable in this tight clothing." The tailor -- who's actually captioned as an 'expert' or 'specialist' -- replies, "You'll get used to it, my dear. Just look, how young, how beautiful you are!"


Anonymous said…
Not only is the cartoon great, but that passage beneath it looks intriguing (though some of the vocabulary: ouch)--not least because the gentleman writing the letter is trying to address it to 'Üsküdarda, Sultan tepede"! Veziroğlu Sokak yok mu halen?
Timur Hammond said…
Translated those last two paragraphs:
"We ejected the sultans and the şehzade from the country. But the Sultan’s hills, the heads of the Şehzade, are still living among us. Perhaps discarding those names of His Royal Majesty is more troublesome than discarding their bodies?"
It's actually kind of interesting to think about the present debate re: Pierre Loti in the same terms -- what's the legacy of the past? And how do the names of things play a part in all of that?

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