Taksim Gezi Park Reading List June 7

This is a brief and incomplete list of some of the pieces that have been published -- it was reasonably current as of June 5, but is likely well out of date. Please feel free to write to me [firstname.lastnameATgmail] or leave comments about other things I have missed. It goes without saying that this list couldn't have been compiled without the help of Elizabeth Angell.

A Starting Point

Elif Batuman, “Occupy Gezi: Police Against Protestors in Istanbul,” New Yorker
Claire Berlinski, “Erdoğan Over the Edge,” City Journal
Juan Cole, “Defiant Erdoğan Risks Turkish Economy as Unions Enter the Fray,” Informed Comment
Didem Collinsworth, “Turkey’s Protests: The Politics of an Unexpected Movement,” International Crisis Group
Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar, “Everywhere is Taksim, Resistance is Everywhere,” Jadaliyya
Duvardaki Sesler [The Voices Upon The Walls]
Ali Gökpinar, “Neither Turkish Spring Nor Velvet Revolution,” Open Democracy
Peter Gratton, "The Events in Turkey: A Virtual Theme Issue for Background," Environment and Planning D
Çağlar Keyder, “First Person Singular,” London Review of Books
Mark LeVine, “So Much for the Turkish Model,” Al-Jazeera
"Listening to Taksim," GIT-North America
Neophytos Loizides, “Reforming Turkish Democracy,” Open Democracy
John McSweeny, “Turkish Hopes for a New Beginning,” Open Democracy
Mashallah News Team, “Gezi Park Occupation Live Blog,” Mashallah News
Mashallah News Team, "From A Revolutionary Muslim," Mashallah News
Müsteriklerimiz, “Today We Are All Someone New!” Open Democracy
Kerem Öktem, “Turkey, From Tahrir to Taksim,Open Democracy
Jon Queally, “In Turkey: ‘Resisting for Our Future’Common Dreams
Julian Sarayer, “A Turkish Spring?” Open Democracy
Sungur Savran, “A Taste of Tahrir at Taksim,Gerçek
Defne Suman, “What is Happening in Istanbul?İnsanlık Hali
Sunday Reading,” Zuzungu [links to articles, songs, poems]
Nathalie Tocci, “A U-Turn in Turkish Politics? Gezi Park in Perspective,” Open Democracy
Various, “The Day Turkey Rose Up––In Pictures,Roar Magazine
Various, Occupy Gezi, Occupy Turkey [links to a range of news reports and analysis]
Emrah Yıldız, “Alignments of Dissent and Politics of Naming: Assembling Resistance in Turkey,” Jadaliyya


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