Quick Thoughts

In a lot of ways, this campaign has been all about two places: Main Street and, now, Wall Street. If Obama's rhetoric is about renewing the American Dream, and if McCain's campaign picked Palin to play better on Main Street, there's something going on with the myth of Main Street.

Since the bailout was first proposed last week, Wall Street has suddenly emerged as Main Street's evil twin. I don't have the time to work through the full implications of the pairing, but it's interesting to me that while one is mythic and nostalgic, almost archetypal, the other is very much a real and concrete thing, as arcane as its workings sometimes seem.

It's as though we're working in a realm of equal parts fantasy and reality (horror and reality? And what was that line laughing about the Bush Administration's refusal to abide by 'reality-based politics'?); and I'm not sure how that comes about, I'm not really sure how the imagination plays a role in any of this, but it's worth thinking about.

Just not now. School's back in session, for better and for worse.


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