Obama Invented the Interwebs

The man dropped knowledge on the history of the computer tonight. All that aside, I'll likely be paring back what writing I have been engaging in even more. I could list the reasons, but they're not all that interesting.

For those of you who have been reading, many thanks, and many thanks to the local bikers/bloggers/writers I have come in contact with (especially those of you have been kind enough to read and comment): It's been a real treat to read the city in new ways.

More when I can, but it may not be soon.

As a last shout-out, because I didn't mark it out that well last time: This Bike Town Beta ride sounds like a really great event. Following Gary Rides Bikes (hat tip to him), the ride is "an idea that... may potentially have a more positive impact on showcasing what's great about cycling than a conventional Critical Mass." Saturday, October 25th, 6 pm. Check it out.


Anonymous said…
I'm very disappointed to learn you'll be taking an extended hiatus, but I do understand how life can get in the way. I just hope everything is okay, and you'll be back sooner rather than later. But whatever you do, keep writing, in one form or another. You have unusual insights, and a rare and poetic way with words.
Timur said…
thanks so much - things are good, but busy. i've been neglecting other important things a little of late, and kind of feel the need to focus on them. but i'll certainly keep writing and reading.

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