Remembering Istanbul Book Review

My book review for Remembering Istanbul, an edited volume engaging the history of the Istanbul Biennial, has been published by the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey:
Now entering its third decade of existence, the Istanbul Biennial has been transformed from a small-scale operation run on a shoestring budget to a sprawling event with a wealth of resources at its disposal. Remembering Istanbul provides an important source not only to understand the changes in the Biennial itself, but also to begin to consider how this local event has been situated within multiple cultural, economic, political, and social contexts. Examining, as Bige Örer points out in her opening essay, the relationship between the city and the biennial,  Remembering Istanbul, “presents the turning points and debates that arose during the historical progression of the Istanbul Biennial… [and] invites readers to join us in contemplating the contemporary art scenes developing at both the local and the international levels” (17).
The rest is here.


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