A Pose Rather than a Process

Versailles, May 2012
As I continue this work, I've become increasingly interested in the instrumentality of the body. I was writing the other day in my journal:
One of the things that makes science 'science' is its use of instruments (but also, D. would say, its repeatability -- that you can duplicate)... but this isn't to say that we can't use our body as an instrument -- more than using our body as a research instrument brings its own set of challenges... [field notes, 29 June 2012]
So in simple terms, ethnography's instrument is the body; but we might immediately complicate that by thinking about the kinds of instruments that complement that body, that supplement and augment it: the camera, for example.

In these two photographs, for example, what we have is the capacity to see the world in an instant that's barely available to the human eye; to see water as something other than flow. Movement as a pose rather than a process.
Eyüp Sultan, June 2012 [also here]


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